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Google Docs

We are moving to more online sources. All of my old handouts are in Microsoft Word. New things will linkly be in Google Docs. Instead of posting them here, there are now new ways to get you the information.

Check out the info on iPads



Here you can find nearly every handout that I use throughout the year. Each year I edit them a bit, and I do NOT make sure that any new versions get posted. I do all that over the summer and as of Summer 2010, all new versions HAVE been posted.

I make enough coppies for everyone to get one, and any left overs get put in a binder. When they are gone, they are gone. If a student looses their papers and there are no extras left, they can get another copy here. The links will open Microsoft Word files. If you do not have Word, sorry. All the computers in the library and the compuer lab on campus will open these files.

All you need to know is what it is you missed! Call a friend! Check the Blog! Figure it out.

With all our new standards - both Common Core and Next Gen Science - and our use of Google Docs - I will probably be moving to a new system, and post Google Doc Links to a blog page.


How about a nice big handout called "The Textbook."


You will need a login & password. You can ask me, or see Mrs. Andresen in the library. (The publisher does not want this posted to the internet)

Semester 1

Start of the Year Handouts


Physics Handouts

Physics Labs

Semester 2

Chemistry Handouts

Chemistry Labs


Astronomy Handouts

Astronomy Labs