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AERIES Parent Connect

Parent Connect FAQ


  • Every student must have an AERIES account.
  • At least one parent of each student must have an AERIES account.
  • There is NO reason to ask me what your grade is.
  • Your Aeries account has everything you need to know about your grade.
  • If you have a question on WHY an assignment got a particular grade, please do the following:
    • If your score is a ZERO, check if you actually turned in the assignment.
      • If you think you did, did you get it back? Look for it. Does it have a grade written on it? If not, you may not have turned it in, you may have put it in my OUT box instead of my IN box.
      • If the score on your paper does not match AERIES, just let me know. I goof occasionally.
    • Look at what was requried for the assignment. Did you actually fulfill those requriements?
    • Did I write anything on your paper or leave comments in Google Classroom?
    • If you STILL have a question, THEN ask me.

Every assignment is worth a point value.
Every assignment is classified as one of 4 types of assigments.

  • Homework
  • Classwork
  • Lab Work
  • Test/Quiz

Add up how many points you earned and divide by how many points are possible and you have your grade.

All assignments are given with lots of notice and clear expectations.
With the use of Google Docs, at some point this year, I may go to a form like this.



"Wow, what happened to my child's grade? It was looking much better last week! How could it change so much so fast?"

Great question.

I do NOT enter in every small assignment. I collect them up and add a bunch at a time.

Each unit gets a "Homework" score. Notes and flashcard assignments are usually 5 points each and get a stamp. Count the number of stamps in that chapter, and you know your score. I have a 5 point "on time" stamp, and a "late" stamp.

Each unit has a "Packet" of classwork, mostly worksheets, usually 5 points per side. A packet with 10 pages is probably about 100 points.

Labs are usually 20-50 points. These are the assignments I go over with a fine-toothed-comb. I grade these hard. A "C" is average. To get an "A" is not "I got nothing wrong," but "Wow, this is an amazing paper that goes above and beyond the average paper."

Each unit has a test that is anywhere from 40-100 points. My tests are nearly all multiple choice, usually 1 or 2 points per question.

Labs I enter into the gradebook as soon as I get the stack done. The homework and class packet get entered in at the end of the unit, with the test, so frequently grades do not change a lot, until the end of a chapter when I enter in a large score for the homework, another large score for the packet, and another large score for the test... and grades can change a LOT!

AERIES Parent Connect

Studends should NOT use a parent's account.
Student and parent accounts are different, and different for a reason. Each student will make their own account.

The AERIES system has, well, pretty much everything. Most importantly, GRADES.





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